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Re: Any tapers out there? Need some advice.

Originally Posted by P A U L View Post
I'd really look into what you're getting.
You need to try & get the best quality of compatible equipment possible, & in the smallest package. If you get the Church box & mic's, you'll be getting a very compact system that matches. There are others, but, at least look at what he offers, then look for similar.
PAUL said it all. Even though it's nice and cheap, the PS400 is too big for what it is. Church Audio makes a battery box that's not much bigger than a 9 volt battery (the CA Ugly), and his pre-amps are about the size of a pack of cigarettes (you would need a battery box or a pre-amp to power your mics). You'll have to wait about 3 months if you order them new from Church Audio, but if you go to you can usually find some used Church Audio equipment for sale. Here's what I bought when I first started taping in 2008:

(ignore the red circle)

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