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Re: Blu ray authoring with Macs

answered you in PM, but figured i'd post here as well for others looking for an answer

Adobe Encore or Toast are your two main choices for authoring to Blu-ray...Toast has more limited options in regards to menus and whatnot, but is a lot cheaper $

editing HD-format files [like your AVCHD files] is possible with any of the NLEs available -- Final Cut, Adobe Premiere, and Avid being your primary progs...encoding for blu-ray can be handled by the video encoders associated with the above NLE suites [also Sorenson Squeeze]

so there's numerous options, but the two most common workflows [not including Avid] for authoring blu-rays on a Mac would be...
Final Cut suite users: Final Cut > Compressor > Adobe Encore or Toast
Adobe Production suite users: Premiere > Media Encoder > Encore
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