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Re: Why author to Bluray if small enough to fit on dvd5 or dvd9?

Originally Posted by AAR.oner View Post
to keep it true HD quality, you have to use burn to regular DVD [or use a standard DVD player for playback], the HD footage would have to be converted to SD
Just to be clear, you're talking about the initial authoring of a video file, right?

Originally Posted by jabulon View Post
There is a way of burning HD material to a DVD 5/9, which can be played on HD equipment, but that wasn't the question I think.
Not HD equipment but a regular dvd player and tv. For instance, let's say I record something in HD from tv onto my computer and it's 3 GB--could I author it to be burned to a dvd5 without harming the quality? Or would it be converted to SD? I'm just confused about why Bluray authoring is necessary if it's small enough to fit on a dvd. Am I mistaken that dvd's and Bluray discs are just storage containers of different size, or do Blurays have something that dvd's don't have?
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