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Re: RIP Freezer

Originally Posted by mr freezer's son View Post
I need you to hear me out. I really am AG Parr's son, Miles. Im only posting one time. In reality he was as crazy and hilarious as he was here. I feel so glad even now that there are so many people that were touched by him. While they didn't do an obituary on him it was probably a heart attack. He WAS massively overweight. Im sure he always talked about me. Now i live in florida with my mom and stepdad, and i am extremely happy. Some of you knew him personally. Thank you for babysitting him. Since he spent all his time on here, im glad he became a celebrity. he was a music genius to say the least. But most of all, he was my dad.

Thank you,
Arthur Miles Parr
Best wishes, Miles. Your dad always spoke very warmly of you. He was quite a guy.
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