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Re: Unecessary cdr step in transfers of recording with known and unknown lineage.

Originally Posted by GRC View Post
Yes, but that would introduce a sample rate and bit rate conversion in order to share them as 16/44 - which is what I reckon most folks here, and at DaD, would want.

Which would you say is worse - taking analogue and converting to 16/44 at the outset, and keeping that resolution constant to the FLAC stage, or converting to 24/96 at the outset, creating track splits, fades, outputting AIFF files in 24/96, then converting to 16/44?

Yes, I know in an ideal world it would be great to work with 24/96 all the time, but it would (a) limit the number of projects I could work at on the HDD - 24/96 occupies more HDD real-estate than 16/44, and would (b) roughly quadruple the number of CDRs I'd need - 80 mins on a single redbook equates to around 4 or 5 discs written as 24/96 AIFFs

I've committed a number of 'special' FM items to 24/96 for archiving, but for the vast majority of AUD shows ..... no.
Well, then, don't record at hi res and just do it at 16/44.1 to the unit's internal hard drive and burn a data CD-r you can take to a computer to read without doing the redbook audio CD-r / EAC extraction step. If you DON'T have to do an audio CD-r with this unit, then why do it?

If the intent is solely to have a redbook CD, and there is no editing or processing needed for the files then capturing at 16/44.1 will suit those specific set of needs. If you have to do ANY post-processing to the files (raise levels, do fades, EQ, etc...) then most definitely it's still better to capture at 24/96 and process in hi res and then downsample and dither to 16/44.1 resolution....

I agree that a lot of folks haven't quite picked up yet on the concept of hi-res files, but I do believe that in the long run as hard drives grow larger and computers get even more powerful and bandwidth expands yet again that 24/96 will one day be considered "low resolution" and 16/44.1 will be looked at with the dread of an eMPty3 today! I'd rather have it in as high a bitrate as I can, now, instead of looking back with regret that I didn't capture it as good as I could have....

So, count me with the people that wish you WOULD use as full resolution as possible....
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