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Re: Unecessary cdr step in transfers of recording with known and unknown lineage.

Originally Posted by Audioarchivist View Post
So, more details of the circumstances of how and why those files are coming from CD-r can make them good to go. What kind of timeline are we talking about between the tape to CD-r transfer and the EAC extraction?

Assuming you're talking directly about the lineage I quoted, I don't see what difference a timeline makes, unless you're suggesting that the data on the CDR will decay before the EAC transfer....

Is there any chance to get the master .wav files pre-CD-r?

Not from this lineage, as they don't exist as .wav prior to making the CDR

Does the taper / trader have the necessary knowledge to do this right, or do we have to take what we can get from them because they don't know how to do it any other way and they'll stop sharing with you / us if we make them change?
Tell me what 'necessary knowledge' you feel is missing, and I'll tell you if I have it. And yes, that lineage is from a show that I uploaded.
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