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Re: Extracting silvers, the use of extracting software and log files

Originally Posted by Audioarchivist View Post
How would this really work then? Will any and all new posts that come from a silver boot CD need a log file? What about things that are traded from silvers that you don't own? I mean, stuff downloaded from other sites, etc? Will TTD's current uploads be combed through and culled to make this rule across the board for all previously posted stuff? Will "legacy" rips without logs be allowable? Where do you draw the line?
Originally Posted by jameskg View Post
That is the purpose of this discussion being public. We welcome all input / solutions.

What we are trying to combat is the recent (last year or so) glut of people simply typing Silver > EAC > FLAC when they don't have any lineage info. We then find other clues in the post showing that no be unlikely... it's time-consuming and inevitably results in things slipping through the cracks.

I would lean toward grandfathering existing torrents, on this site, for sure. I'd want to see this additional policy be a forward-looking mandate, only.
We are trying to figure that out. I realize that going back in time and going through all previously uploaded silvers is no real option here, so this would apply to newly posted/ripped torrents of silvers only. Let me say this, if you haven't made the rip yourself, but got it from a trade or downloaded it somewhere else, you can never be sure about the accuracy of the lineage, now can you. A log file from the extraction software used can help to ascertain that lineage, it says that a particular software was used for extracting the files. When using an extraction program like EAC it's a small step to make a log file, just one simple click with the mouse is enough. Remember that the general idea of this site is trying to keep the trade pool as clean as possible. Right now it's fairly easy to fake a lineage, e.g.:

Let's say I have a silver and I rip this to flac with a program like windows mediaplayer (a ripper not allowed here), I can easily say that I've used EAC for extraction or that I got it from a trade and they said they used it, but there is nothing like a log file to back this up. So my 'fake' lineage would be silver>EAC>FLAC. Now if I would need a log file to show, I can't say this anymore, so I can't pollute the pool with this rip.
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