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Re: Lack of tags on live shows, any reason why?

Originally Posted by spidergawd View Post
I'm wondering how many shows go unseeded because old farts like me don't know, or really desire to learn, anything about tags and don't want their uploads to be unappreciated. I don't even print "artwork" much less care if they're embedded in the tags (or even if I got it right that they can be embedded in the tags). I don't even know, or care, which files I've downloaded have tags, or how they're used. Believe it or not, I don't feel as though I'm missing anything (guess you have to lose something to miss it). All that said, if somebody can post a link to a tutorial showing how to properly tag flac files please do.

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Tags are very useful, especially for people who use their files over a streaming audio system.

People should not however worry about uploading shows without tags. Most shows I have downloaded over the last years do not have them. Those that do are almost always edited in some manner or the other.

I add tags because my Squeezebox system would not function without them. It is not that hard a process to add them. And 'old farts' such as I can learn to do it if they have the desire.
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