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Re: Unecessary cdr step in transfers of recording with known and unknown lineage.

Alright, thank you for ALL responding!!
i will do more research and i will download that link, but now i think i do have the answer i was looking for.
I really appreciate the help & clarity in the matter.
It can be a bit confusing.

P.S. The only reason i chose the Hi-MD recorder over a digital recorder is my "oldschool" way of thinking.
I like the fact that when using Analog tape/DAT/Minidisc, you had an actually "Master" you could go back to over and over if needed.
I'm still trying to learn all this new computer stuff.
With a digital recorder, once you transfer the music to you computer you better hope you don't lose it or worse have a hard drive crash(I know a few people this has happened to)there goes you "master".
But yes, it now seems everything will be obsolete soon, DAT is as dead as Minidisc now??
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