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Re: Unecessary cdr step in transfers of recording with known and unknown lineage.

luciferburns --

1) the MZ-M200 records in numerous formats, depending on what you set it to -- Linear PCM, ATRAC, ATRAC3, ATRAC3Plus

2) Linear PCM is lossless, any form of ATRAC compression is lossy -- so a recording made on the MZ-M200 would most certainly be allowed, so long as it was recorded in Linear PCM mode

3) MiniDisc technology did not "change after our ban", other than becoming an even more outdated recording format, eventually going completely obsolete in either 2010 or 2011

as stated repeatedly for years -- TTD has not banned MiniDisc recordings, its banned LOSSY ATRAC recordings...its not the recorder thats the issue, it the recording format -- you could record with an SD744t, one fo the finest field recorders in the business, and if you recorded in mp3 format instead of Linear PCM it wouldn't be allowed either!

as for posting a Spectrum Analysis using Audition [formerly CEP] to indicate whether a recording is lossy or not -- no its not the only program out there, although its one of the better ones for Windows platform in the inexpensive range [yes thats considered inexpensive in the audio recording realm]...personally, i use iZotope's Ozone Masterin plug-in with Ableton Live, which has excellent functionality

however you already posted screenshots of a recording in Lossy/Lossless Forum using CoolEdit's Spectrum Analysis tool, so:

1) you do have the program & know how to do this
2) i would assume you know what recording format you used, but if not no worries -- just turn the SA to Color Mode [not B&W] and zoom in til approx 2sec worth of music is displayed in the window...screen capture a couple of different 2sec sections of music for us to compare....or if that makes no sense, follow instructions below

for others who don't have Audion/CEP, no problem!
you don't have to do the SA yerself, simply upload a 5-10 sec section of yer recording [mid song is best, when all instruments are playing at normal level] to one of the numerous file sharing sites out there, post a link to it and one of the regs around here will analyze for you
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