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Re: Unecessary cdr step in transfers of recording with known and unknown lineage.

Let's all keep in mind that some of us are "oldtimers" and don't have the money to invest in new equipment or learn how to use all these new computer programs that for a novice can be very confusing.
Also while i respect this sites desire for quality uploads, it seems that they have passed judgement on what they believe in their minds is the right way and make it actually hard for people like me to share music here.
I understand why some formats are not allowed as they are truly lossy, but as an example of a recent problem, to ban all Minidisc recordings after 1/1/2008, seems more like a personal choice of the site rather then anything else.
Now if they have the research to prove ALL Minidisc recorders are lossy after 2008, i can understand the ban. But they have shown no proof, themselves and i doubt they did any real research before deciding on that.
If not, i would not be trying so hard to prove that my SONY Hi-MD recorder model MZ-M200 purchused in late 2009(After their ban) makes "Lossless" recordings.
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