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Re: Can leech but not seed. Can't make "FIREWALLED" go away.

Originally Posted by Igemo75 View Post
Maybe this version of TR is crap?

I use UT for Mac and imo they came with dozens of versions that sucked. So I used the ancient v16917 that gave me full speed up and down. (Now I also use the brand new v28815 which is very good).

Time to downgrade and wait for a new version that works?
I'm running Transmission 2.74 (13648) with Ubuntu 12.10 and no problems at all.

If you are overloading your bandwidth sometimes it will show you as firewalled here and on other sites.

Open a terminal and do an "ifconfig" to make sure you have the lan ip that you expect to have.

Here is a link for a bittorrent troubleshooting guide for ubuntu that should apply to mint (both Debian under the hood, right?):

The difference between the router manual and what you see now is due to a firmware upgrade...same thing happened to me although I have a different router. In the forwarding section recheck to make sure both the internal lan ip and the external ip settings are correct. My external ip autosets, but in an earlier firmware version I had to set it myself.

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