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Re: Can leech but not seed. Can't make "FIREWALLED" go away.

There is a difference in my router config compared to what's shown in the page at the URL you cited. I have fields for "External" starting/ending ports and "Internal" starting/ending ports. These options and my settings are as follows:

Service Name: Transmission
Service Type: TCP/UDP
External Starting Port (1~65535): 51413
External Ending Port (1~65535): 51413
[*] Use the same port range for Internal port (CHECKED)
Internal Starting Port (1~65535): 51413 (Note: this is preset because the above option is checked.)
Internal Ending Port: 51413 (Note: this is preset because the "same port range" option is checked.)
Internal IP address: (Note: this, my PC, is the only currently connected device)

In the UPnP section of my router config, I have:

Turn UPnP: "On"
Advertisement Period (in minutes): 30
Advertisement Time to Live (in hops): 4
UPnP Portmap Table:
Active: YES | Protocol: TCP | Int. Port: 51413 | Ext. Port: 51413 | IP Address:

In the Preferences->Network tab of my Transmission client I have:

Port for incoming connections: 51413
[Test Port] (Note: This is a button. When I click it, I see "Testing..." and then "Port is closed."
[ ] Pick a random port every time Transmission is started (NOT CHECKED)
[*] Use UPnP or NAT-PMP port forwarding from my router (CHECKED)

In the Preferences->Privacy tab of my Transmission client I have:

[*] Enable blocklist: (CHECKED)
Blocklist contains 225,033 rules [Update]
[*] Enable automatic updates (CHECKED)

Encryption mode: [Require encryption] (This is a select list with 3 options)
[*] Use PEX to find more peers (CHECKED)
[*] Use DHT to find more peers (CHECKED)
[ ] Use Local Peer Discovery to find more peers (NOT CHECKED)

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