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Re: Can leech but not seed. Can't make "FIREWALLED" go away.

I read that page a couple of days ago and tried everything I could see that it suggested. My machine is at internally. I logged into my router and set the service type as "TCP/UDP" and the starting/ending port to "51413" for I rebooted the router. Checked to make sure the settings were still there. They are. Transmission still says port 51413 is closed. I don't get it.

I'm currently leeching and seeding torrents from and thepiratebay with no problems. I've recently leeched a few magnets and they too come down to me but don't go up to anyone else. I only knew that to happen with magnets until I came here. I've never had this problem before with any other tracker. Never had a site tell me I was "FIREWALLED" before now either.
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