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Re: TTD Point Of Order - Checksum Errors

Quick answers:

I have windows and always use TLH.

The tracks from the two shows where all tracks read "does not exist or cannot be opened" from the ffp tested ok (file is decodable without error).

The individual files that show as corrupt from the ffp also test as corrupt in the analysis (this I would expect).

All tracks shown with errors play fine.

WRT to Lynne's questions - no-one ever complained of problems with checksums (very few will ever check - I certainly only used to listen to the music and didn't have to worry about checksums - unless I was reseeding - I check more often now). None of the shows were reposted (I would know) and all fell off the tracker long ago.

I think although the tracks play fine, I won't bother seeding the shows that show individual tracks as corrupt, but will create fresh ffps for the two shows that read "does not exist or cannot be opened", as clearly they do exist and can be opened (and played).

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