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TTD Point Of Order - Checksum Errors

Hi folks. After downloading a Masters of Reality show this week and noting a request for more, I have been digging out other MoR shows I have. Most of these have been shared here, or more likely over on Dime. I have been checking the ffp / md5 files in some of these previous torrents and have noticed some errors, so I have a couple of questions:

1) A couple (from the same taper / uploader) have errors on all tracks (ffp - does not exist or cannot be opened). would this be caused by the uploader changing track titles after making the ffp?

2) A couple have an error on one track saying the track could be truncated or corrupt. What what cause this?

3) From a TTD pov, providing there are no audible problems with the tracks, should I create a fresh ffp/md5?
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