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Re: Sharing a torrent on 2 trackers?

Well, on my uTorrent, I can click on the torrent listing, and click the TRACKERS tab underneath, and it says what trackers are being used for the selected torrent. If you have it all right you'll see a TTD tracker and a dime tracker listed for that torrent...

If anything is different in the torrent from one site to another, that's when a new line might have to appear in uTorrent. Even if the guy that makes the second torrent changes the comment in the torrent (there's an area to have the torrent author make a comment about the torrent when they first make it) that can alter it enough when it's reposted to have it show up as a different torrent with a new line (I think) otherwise it will ask something like "Do you want to add new tracker to existing torrent?" say yes and it'll run both trackers at once...
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