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Fileset not recognized - HELP?

Hi all

I tried to upload a FLAC fileset that was shared over mediafire (via the TRC) of Todd Rundgren's Utopia. I decoded and burned discs form the files, they are confirmed good files. Then I created a torrent to share here.
That's where the problem occurred. When I seeded the torrent, the fileset showed as being 2.3 kb; I think only the text (info) file and the ffp file were recognized. I figured I'd done it wrong, had the torrent pulled and tried again. Sadly I keep getting the same result, the FLAC files aren't "recognized" in the fileset. I also notice that both utorrent and TLH create the torrent file WAY TOO FAST to be reading all the data.

I hope I've accurately described the problem, and that one of you can help me understand what's happening. Is there tag info missing, or too much info added to the files. I await your wisdom. And, as always, thanks for the music!
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