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Icon4 I Need some help to uploading torrents. Please Help Me !!!

Could anyone out there in cyberspace please help me?
I knew I ask you earlyer but....
I upload a lot of greate bluesconcerts on:

All files is in AVI-formate and I try to converte them to ts-folder.
Thats was no problem.
My problem is thath when I try to upload them noting happend
Infact it want start seeding.
So if someone have the time please download them from and upload them to a torrentsajt.
(fi. Here on Dime,TD, Yeeshkul or any simulare torrentsajts)
Almoast all concerts complte exept Mark Hummel (I only captured the encore from that concert due a SD-cart crash)
So I been WERRY greateful if anyone can help me to share those concerts furter.

All concerts is shot with permisions from the bands.
And you welcome to use the autografs and pics that I upload on my bluesroom for artwork or just as a bonus for all bluesfans who hopefuly downlooad those concerts.

Tanks in advance

An Ol Wintering Hippie from Sweden

Ps. Im a newbe anboout computers and I use an oid Windows 95 so maybe thats my problem Ds.
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