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Re: New here and a Mac user. Where to start?

Originally Posted by AAR.oner View Post
alright, here's a quick run through to go from CDR to'll use xACT for everything, except splitting a single track show into multiple tracks, you'll needAudacity

1) extract track(s) from CDR [xACT]: "util" tab > "CD Extraction" > drag track(s) from CDR to the window > click "Execute" now have a set of wavs on yer harddrive

2) if its just a single track and needs splitting, open the wav file in Audacity and follow these steps here:

3) encode to flac [xACT]: "encode" tab > select FLAC/Smallest 8/verify/generate ffp > drag your wavs to the window > click "Encode"

you've now got a set of flac files, and an ffp checksum...your lineage for the info text would be:
Source: unknown source > CDR(x) > xACT > flac [add in "Audacity [track splits]" between xACT and flac if you split into tracks]
This is perfect! Thanks for your help. I'll start adding my torrents soon.
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