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Re: BEST rechargable batteries ? ? ?

I'm just a ghettocheap Edirol/Tascam handheld guy who's looking for some good rechargable AA's that will last for up to 4 hours.

the Edirol doesn't eat the power as fast as the Tascam does, and Duracells seem to give me 30m extra over Energizers, and most other non-rechargables seem to last even less.

the new hi-end AA's by Duracell/Energizer last a LOT longer, problem is there's no way to quantify how long they last/how much juice is still left after a use. those are GREAT for festivals, I got 6+ hours out of 1 set and it was still at half-power.

I'd just like to switch over is all, I'm a stealther, not a mic-stander.
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