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Re: Banned from another site

Originally Posted by starman714 View Post
this thread turned out great for a technobabble thread

and i see you left the cheese out of the omelet, wise choice is a bitch though...gonna be guessin' a while
This is how the thread started.

"Hello anybody, I really need help but I donīt know if here is the right place to do, so I apologize in advance anything...

Straight on the facts, recently Iīve got banned from the site Yeeshkul, for "ubberleeching" - this ban will remain until 30/december/2012 and Iīve got pretty sad for this."

Hell, as long as I waited so many times for something to happen musically at the start of "Wish You Were Here" when that record came out, you certainly can wait for your ban expire. You might want to put on some Grateful Dead music just to kill the time.
"Anyone that likes Bob Wills' music is bound to have some good in them."
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