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Re: Banned from another site

Originally Posted by Dav-Alan View Post
Guess I had better break my silence on this related matter and get a warning out to new user guizillabr (welcome in spite of my mispercived msg) and omit the icons

I have recently gotten my ratio up from a really bad .08 last month with a major increase activity, and system configuration and should break 1:1 in 3 months.

If you go over to the lounge and dig down you will find 2 huge post "towers"
(61+ pages in the largest now?) of posts all regarding, most very indirect, my "ratio slackness" for the prior 6 months.

Not, gonna get into detail but there are even posts accussing me of misplaced sexual orientation among others, as you can see.

Now this has been a source of amusement for me but, for you? Is a ban really worse?

Just a warning what may obviously not everyone is on the same level here either...


PS-I would never abandon the name I use in my feild of work

I was going to pm you this as a personal...but it needed to come out
best of all worlds would be a totally public site in which you can grab torrent files without an account. i could get the music i came for without ever reading the general discussion forums or logging in, or even using the tracker (just use dht). there would be no need for baiting users into posting/participating ("i see you....fukkin lurker"), my username wouldn't be added to the name and shame uberleecher list, etc.
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