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Re: what do to with MKV files ?

Originally Posted by Dav-Alan View Post
mkv? ah the format that crashes my linux media player unexpectedly (esp. with > 4 gb size)
I would assume if the thing is that large or larger the "lossyness" would be at a minumum or none at all? I can make a lossless (or very near so) avi or mp4 or etc, if I set the codec params to make a really large file out of it...and have even tried this successfully with the normally lossy mp3 audio format....however forget any size reduction it that is your goal. In fact your conversion may be a size increase.
I almost always end up doing a conversion to dvd (mov), but keep the original for seeding, avi, mp4 or anything that will playback consistently due to the problems I have with mkv, , but keep the original mkv for seeding.
Playback problems can be caused by hardware, make sure your video drivers are all up-to-date. This could help too may be:

YouTube Video

Bloating a lossy mp3 will never have a lossless result.
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