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Re: what do to with MKV files ?

Originally Posted by newmillenium View Post
Ah, so you could have lossless OR lossy video in mkv? If so, how do you tell?
It is hard to tell the difference between lossless and lossy video from only the specifications of the video (you could use a program like MediaInfo for getting these).

Let's say I record a show and I need an entire DVD9 to do so. Let's say the video specs of this original DVD9 are MPEG 2 with an average bitrate of 9000 kbps.

Now someone wants a DVD5 of this, so converts (crops) the DVD9 to a DVD5. The video specs of this new DVD5 would be something like MPEG 2 with an average bitrate of somewhere around 4500-5000 kbps.

The last one would be called lossy in comparison to the first. But that is hard to conclude from just the specs and you would have to know about the existance of the first one. This is one of the reasons why we value on lineage.
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