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Re: SBE (dropout at end of every track) do i fix it?

Originally Posted by jdooly View Post
I'm trying to upload torrents without having them dropout at the end of them. How can I fix that? Does Traders Little Helper have something that can prevent it? It's definitely frustrating when one track is segueing into the next one (which happens on all Grateful Dead torrents) when it drops out.

If anyone has the answer, I'm desperate to know how to fix it.

It could also be your player. The CD player in the Ford Escape where I used to work dropped out for less than a second between tracks, even on silver CD's. It really messes up Dark Side of the Moon to have a half-second dropout between the tracks.

How long is the dropout? A two-second gap usually means the disc was burned track-at-once rather than disc-at-once. Most burning software now is so idiot-proof they don't call it that anymore, they just refer to it as "gaps." Turn that option off (or select "no gaps") next time you burn.
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