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320kBps BBC HD stream

I'd like to see if this would be acceptable for uploading at TTD.

This page describes the stream as "320kbps AAC-LC", and this Wiki gives more tech detail.

Although the Wiki describes the compression basis as lossy, it has some preferable aspects to FM - it displays no background hiss, is totally free from interference, and has no 19kHz pilot tone submerged in the audio.

Someone in the blog compares the two as follows;

"The 320kbps aac-lc stream is ... higher definition than current DAB/Freeview/satellite in the UK (192kbps mp2 at best for BBC radio) or FM (which is Optimod-processed, top cut to 15kHz, and NICAM (14 bit quantisation at best) carried to the transmitters)."

It seems from other sources that the digital links between broadcaster and FM transmitters function at a 32kHz sample rate, so begs the question - which is the more 'lossy' -

FM going through Optimod processing, top cut to 15kHz, and NICAM (14 bit, 32kHz sampling in the links to the transmitters, or

The 320kB stream using (apparently) 44.1kHz all the way until the compression into the stream at point of delivery?


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