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Re: Problem with Finger Prints

Sorry for the confusion or lack of information. I attached a screenshot. I created checksums with the .ffp and .md5 protocols.

Here is a sample of the codes:

1efa275abbcd3869169e933e54d82649 *01_Intro 1.flac
1936b19925f4ed729c60df6236e206cb *02_Intro 2.flac
f0afcac0e1c97089f85feb195e07c171 *03_Intro 3.flac
4d373eda47c2ac9d7a2aa68a88ef3977 *04_Intro 4.flac
8ae32e8a9f1e1950fd3aa5edbf013e7d *05_Creeping Death.flac
3e4c216a064725e695977504c88929ad *06_For Whom the Bell Tolls.flac
8ae442f330b4f65a3954e80281c0df76 *07_Fuel.flac
03bae40918e85e00d5f98ce3d1cda514 *08_James Speaks #1.flac
7b9c371617817b5a3bddd2e7a6f578d0 *09_Ride the Lightning.flac
7408cbeea1cd4f6bd1b6ae7d3777020e *10_One.flac
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