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Re: I need help with uploading a torrent

OK, so you now should have a Folder on your PC, named appropriately, such as -

"Beck, Jeff 1981-01-01 Anywhere town AUD FLAC"

Within this folder you have a set of FLAC files (named as per track titles), a text file with info and lineage, an EAC log file and FFP file - all of these should also be named in similar fashion to the folder with artist name, date, event etc

Again, this was stated earlier in the thread, but use your torrent client to create a torrent file from this folder. With Vuze, it's select the 'New Torrent' option, give it the folder name, the Announce URL for this site, and leave it to it with other default settings.

With a torrent file saved. use the upload show option on the site, paste the content of the FFP file into the fingerprint window on the upload page, and use the Attechment dialogue at the foot of the page to upload the torrent file BEFORE you click Upload Show.

Once the site says the torrent is uploaded successfully, you need to download the torrent file from the site, and Open it in your torrent client.
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