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Re: I need help with uploading a torrent

everything from Extracting the Audio CD [using EAC] through the end of the process is cover in Chapter 4 of the guide i posted a link to earlier

if you've already extracted using EAC, next you'll take you're wav files and convert to flac, create checksums [aka fingerprints], etc using Trader's Little Helper [download the prog here]:

once you install TLH...
--convert wav to flac [Chapter 4 Part 4]
--create checksums [.st5] [Chapter 4 Part 5]

you'll also create your info text file [also covered in the guide]...unless you know the specific source of the audio cd, but i'm assuming you don't, your lineage will be:
Audio CD(x) > EAC > wavs > TLH > flacs
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