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Re: I need help with uploading a torrent

If you rip the CD to a folder with EAC, it will ask you at the end of the rip if you want to 'Create Log'. Do this, give it a meaningful name (Artist/Date/Event, include 'EAC' within the name) and save it in the same folder as the WAV files that you've just generated with EAC.

Download Trader's Little Helper (TLH). With this, ENCODE the WAV files as FLAC files, Before you do this, tick the option in TLH to create an FFP file. At the end of the encoding, save this file with a meaningful name (Artist/Event/Date etc).

You should now have a set of FLAC files, an EAC log and an FFP file in the folder. If your torrent spans more than one CD, you should have two folders, possibly named Disc 1, Disc 2, etc - each should have a set of FLAC files, one EAC log and one FFP file.

Create a text file with a description, lineage, and use your torrent client (Vuze? uTorrent?) to create a torrent file. Don't change the files after you do this.

The fields in the Upload page are fairly self-evident - paste all the text from your info file into the description field, paste the content of the FFP file into the fingerprints field.

Use the attachment dialogue at the foot of the page to upload your torrent file.

Ask again if still having problems.
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