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Extremely Slow UTorrent Data Checking After Power Failure.


I'm using Utorrent 3.2
I experienced a power failure in my area while away from home (attending an Iron Maiden concert) last night.

When I returned my PC was off. I decided to go through the normal rebooting process.

I noticed that I Utorrent was checking downloaded data at a very slow pace.
Six hours to check 10% of a 20GB torrent.

This was very unusual to me. At this rate it will take 60 hours just to check the contents of this torrent.

It should be noted that the 20GB torrent ( was around 98% complete when I headed out for last night's Maiden show.

Is there anything I could do to resolve this issue?

I can't download or upload anything until this massive torrent has completed it's re-check.

Thank You,

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