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Re: how many shows to share at the same time?

I have red lines for my TradersDen shows. Like the above it says "Max of 10 allowed"... I'm prepared to accept this but I have had the 6 I have right now (in red) for months... and I have SIX. Do correct me if I'm wrong but I thought 6 was less than 10. I have a 60MBit/4MBit connection, so bandwidth isn't a problem.

Now if 6 turned out to be 9, I don't mind... but it's still less than 10!!!

Sometimes when I log in here it tells me that I'm firewalled (just under my login details top right of screen) WHILE uploading a show to a leecher!!! It's just a glitch, I hope. I might have to restart the pc a few times... just a mild pain...

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