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Re: Freeeware DVD Burners?

as far as authoring DVD's, i dont know much about that but Nero is supposed to be good...

for burning DVD's from what you download from trackers like this and DIME, yes just copy the entire VIDEO_TS and AUDIO_TS onto the blank DVD and burn and you're good to go.

for copying them, i use isobuster to copy the entire disc without having to decrypt it, less steps. other dvds can be finicky especially those i get in trades burned with god-knows-what software, dvd-decrypter is a great freeware that will break down the DVD to those VIDEO_TS and AUDIO_TS directories. then you can just drag those onto another dvd to copy the original for a trade, or use those directories to seed them the way you would with FLAC files

for burning ISO's i just use windows image burner, works well.
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