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Re: Upload Failure: First Timer

OK first Seeding went down hard...5hrs of my life I'd like to have back...but hope that everyone enjoys the show....

Second Seeding Problem, and it has to do with step 10 in the Seeding Guide:

10. Begin seeding.
Download the .torrent file from the thread - it gets personalized upon download. Then open the .torrent file with your BitTorrent client of choice. After it checks the files, your client will register itself as a seed with the tracker. If you client supports "super-seed" mode, you may want to enable that. Though it's not required, this mode will help you distribute the torrent faster by lowering the amount of redundant uploads. If you don't use it, plan on the upload taking about 25% longer.
Currently after pointing uTorrent to the files on MY disc the Personalized Torrent File hangs at 99.99% and never goes to upload. I've made Two other Torrent files and while they will never show up on TTD they do NOT hang up...the same files...

What is going on with the personalized TTD Torrent file? Why is it never completing the "download" of the files on my hard drive when other Torrents not downloaded from TTD do complete

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