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Re: Making a matrix?

Originally Posted by LeifH12345 View Post
So is there a particular program that will make this process easier - something that goes to a point of a percent for adjusting speed/pitch?

I'm attempting to mix 2 analog tracks to a digital video (2 songs only). So far I can't get more than 10 seconds at a time to match up.
Recently I've been doing some multi-source mixes in Sony Vegas 8 - things that were digital, but obviously one machine's time base was way off. It seems easy (relatively) to just be able to drag and drop, and then grab an end of what I think was the wrong time based file and literally stretch it to match the correct one. Way easier than old attempts to do this in Cubase, using Wavelab to pitch / speed bend a file by guessed percentages and re-importing to Cubase to see if I had guessed right. Used to be many many failed guesses before I zoned in on the right settings. Seems like child's play by comparison to just grab an end of one of the two files and pull it longer or push it shorter...

So, try Vegas. I believe it's an ALT - click at the end of the file in the multitrack display (and hold!) to do stretch bend stuff. Good luck!
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