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Re: 16 Bit vs 24 Bit

Originally Posted by germain View Post
Any material that was digitized from analog tape can be no better than what is on the tape. I would challenge anyone to do an 16 to 24 bit ABX test on anything originating from a cassette recording to tell the difference. Theoretically, a master reel recorded half track at 7 1/2 ips might have enough information to make using 24 bit worthwhile. But on tests we've run, no one could score above the threshold necessary to rule out chance. About the best we could say is that using 24 bit in the original digitization left plenty of room for processing before converting to 16 bit.
Pretty much this. I'm working on a show right now that I've boosted the levels 16dB (260%) w/out much appreciable self-noise appearing.
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