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Re: Clarify something for me mods

Originally Posted by ballerstv View Post
So if i grab something off another tracker and then seed it as long as taper info is in the txt file..This is ok correct? Just want to clarify from a certain user about a certain comment otherwise I will stop...
That user posted on another website as well. Only two of us tapers responded, but we both said that re-posting is fine. I said that you may be trying to up your ratio, you may be a glory hog, or you may just be trying to share the music, which is the point. Posting something from bt.etree (taper-friendly artists) to other sites (any artists) seems redundant, but there is no harm or foul in doing so.

I tape to share the music. i don't put my name in text files or torrent descriptions anymore. If you want to cross-post my uploads, knock yourself out.
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