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Re: Some serious questions...

you're welcome

this one looks like an FM, can you zoom to about 4 seconds pls? resize audition a little smaller before you get the screencap so you don't have to shrink the image.

broadcast audio normally cuts off at 15kHz, and has the "red stripe". not usually a red stripe at 15kHz, tho

pretty much all broadcasts of the last 10+ yrs is lossy but is allowed here so long as its captured well. (strange little exception)

previously, in the 70s etc of course it was lossless source, just dynamics compressed before broadcast & also with the stripe & 15kHz cutoff.

also, notice the noise above 15kHz... this is healthy, a normal thing to see. when you see pure black NOTHING up there somebody's messed with it either nr, eq or lossy encoding... zoom in for the truth!
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