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Re: .torrent upload failure

Originally Posted by jameskg View Post
He means you should check to be sure the announce URL is exactly what is given on the upload instructions. That's one of the reasons an upload might fail.

Other reasons include the size of the file, whether the file type is allowed (be sure you spelled the extension right), or the special chars issue - but it sounds like you have checked most of the normal stuff.

I think the next step might be to doublecheck the announce URL you have in whatever app you are using to create the .torrent file.
Thank you, Jameskg, for your response. You are correct, I did check the "normal" stuff (i.e., file size (822 MG, extension spelling, and no special characters (which I actually addressed in my initial plea for help).

I also considered that url announce might be incorrect, even though I keep them in a document for my convenience and, indeed, it is the same. Nonetheless, after it failed twice, I copied it directly from the upload page specifically for this upload. No luck.

I'm sorry to be such a pill about this. I hate being the problem child (particularly since I'm 62! HA!). This is NOT the kind of challenge I like to pose...

I think I'll try uploading it again just for the heck of it. If it shows up you'll know this has, somehow, resolved itself. I'm skeptical, but what the heck.

Thank you again.
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