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Re: how many shows to share at the same time?

if you're on cable it shouldnt be too much of a problem to leave a lot on. especially since once the first few people complete the file (hopefully) they will stay on afterwards to help seed and take some of the load off of your connection. ive only seen clients have a default limit set for simultaneus downloads, not uploads. even so you can change the settings to allow you to download/upload as much at the same time as you want. sometimes i have about 35 going at once between jungleland, planetrocklosslesbootlegs, dime, tpb and here.

then i download crap via sites like 4shared too

ISPs will most likely only get pissy if you max out your download limit, right now comcast just slaps you on the wrist once you break 350gb, but i dont think they have any restriction on uploading. i could be wrong though, but i truly doubt it. ive only ever dealt with comcast so i know their limit but not sure what the limits are for other isps if they even limit it at all

bring on the shows man!!
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