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.torrent upload failure

When I tried to upload a .torrent file (Crosby and Nash1976-09-10.torrent) I got this message, "Upload of file failed. If this is a torrent upload failure, see list of common causes on the Upload Page." I'm not seeing anything on the Upload Page which directly addresses this issue (i.e., common causes of .torrent upload failure).

I have uploaded a few shows here in the past. I created my .torrent file exactly as I did in the past. I used uTorrent (Mac) 1.5.14 to create the file. I have tried altering the .torrent name to no avail. I have not used any "banned" characters (e.g., /, :, etc.) in the .torrent file name. I did not alter the file set/folder after creating the .torrent file. All required fields on the Upload Page were filled in appropriately.

Have I been banned from uploading? I hope not. If so, I did not receive any message of it.

Please help me. Thank you for your assistance.
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