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Re: Some serious questions...

Thanks again, Five.

I am just figuring out how to interpret all this stuff...

The picture on the left is what I get when looking at the GNR concert mentioned before .wav file... That is why I said it is from a crappy source. But that was noticed by hearing experience before.

To make a short story long(!):

Here is my subjective view and I do not want this being an "Oh, listen how crappy that is and .mp3 is crap at all" - thread as far as I am concerned. I am not an expert when it comes to technical details here. I just want to learn.

I d/l the Phil show (mp3 @ 320) and after that I figured out that there is no sense in comparing that unknown source with my own. I made a .mp3 @ 320 copy from my 2. disc and burned that as an audio CD, because my LINN Karik / Numerik CD couple only accept red book standard CDs; they prefer burnable Audio CDR media discs over other.

I have had this show for about 20 years now and I am listening to it regularly, especially In The Air tonight. So I threw it in and listened... The Treble seems a bit hard, the drums seem to come out more impressive ( in fact they are more boom boom, because some details are missing ). The most important difference is, that the show "sticks" to the speakers, the "third dimension" is almost missing. Almost "no stage"... The lossless discs will put you right into the action. Lord, I could explain better in my mother tongue... I hope you get the point.

But, as I have to admit, if I never had heard the original discs, I would be glad with this .mp3 - sourced concert till the end of time and I wouldn't have missed a single note. Why? Most of the official recordings nowadays give a similar impression to me.

Let me add something, please:

I have had a .mp3 ( @ 320 ) based Prince - ONA Solo Piano and Voice CD ( which was given to fans only as a DL from his website lossless ) burned onto a CD as above for years. I always thought: WOW, but c'mon, how the hell will be the lossless version ? I got it two years ago, and it is as if Prince sits just 5 meters in front of you fornicating the piano... Not from this planet.

Conclusion so far: Any information lost at the very beginning of the chain can't be restored. Nothing new.

Now the science begins. To be continued...

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