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Some serious questions...

OK, I am quite new to the trading. Putting up some stuff that I got elsewhere to share is one thing.

I have been collecting records for more than 35 years now and I got some items which are "unofficially released" ones.

The CDs wont be the problem to rip and put up -technically speaking- if it is allowed to put them here. But how do I find out if they, or parts of them, were officially released some time after?

As an example: or

would really be worth to share, but who can tell if it is OK?

Then, when it comes to the Vinyl:

As an example: that is a BBC Transcription Service Record. Was it released officially later? I can't find out.

If I put it on my record player, the lineage would be something like that:

BBC Transcription Service Vinyl > LINN Arkiv ( Stylus ) with LINN EKOS ( Arm ) on a LINN LP 12 with LINN Lingo ( the player itself ) > LINN Silver Analogue interconnect > LINN Kairn ( Preamp ) > LINN Silver Analogue interconnect > Soundcard > Audacity 1.3 beta > 24 / 96 WAV / Flac

The chain isn't that bad, but who to ask to squeeze out the last bit of information, to slice it, as it comes out in a single file. I am not in the position to do it on my own...

What is to be called the "master" ? The record itself ? The file which comes out ?

As you can easily see, I am just a noob when it comes to this stuff. Help and advice would be nice.
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