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Re: Getting Audio Off DVD's

Originally Posted by Luke_of_Mass View Post
i really wish you were right because that would make the net so much safer for official material tracker users, but the MAC address is part of the http protocol of what your computer has to send to the website in order to gain permission to access it.
You might want to read this:

Originally Posted by Luke_of_Mass View Post
this program is nice though, although i can't seem to rip in any other format besides ac3, it seems like its nice and straight forward but is there some kind of setting im missing somewhere to make it rip lossless FLAC?
All that program does is extract the existing audio from the DVD. If the DVD has ac3 encoded audio then that's what it will extract. No conversion is done.

You can always convert the ac3 audio to FLAC by using another program. AC3 audio is lossy, so converting it to FLAC is not going to make it sound any better.
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