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Re: Getting Audio Off DVD's

i really wish you were right because that would make the net so much safer for official material tracker users, but the MAC address is part of the http protocol of what your computer has to send to the website in order to gain permission to access it. In order to fix or change this the internets infrastructure/protocols software wise would have to change, but without having this protocol a website would never know if its data ever reached your computer resulting in connection issues.

All websites can get some sort of mac address information from you but if you proxy it the website will not automatically find your original one. While proxying can be done easily it still is a bit more of a manual process and is not automatically collected by the websites connection protocol.

this program is nice though, although i can't seem to rip in any other format besides ac3, it seems like its nice and straight forward but is there some kind of setting im missing somewhere to make it rip lossless FLAC?
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