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Unhappy HELP!!!!!

:hmm:I´ve got some nice blues conserts whitch I shot in a small club in the soth of Sweden (Ronneby Caffé & Matsal) last spring/summer and winter.
I´ve upload ´em as AVI-files on but I prefere to shere ´em as iso torrents but I just cant upload ´em.
I´ve have no problems to make torrent files but the uploading just don´t work for me.
I´ve been trying to upload torrents both hre as well as on Dime but.....

If someone out there has time and possibilty to help me i´ve been greatful.

All concerts is shot with permision from the bands and the still pictures + autograpfs is free to use for f.i. arworks.

So if some blueslover feel to help evrything on my blluesroom sajt is free to share furter.

Infact one of the conserts is, holly good, Kim Wilson (ex: Fabulous Thunderbirds) togerten with Larry Taylor (ex: Canne Heat) and some greate wellknown blues players on bass and drums (sorry I just can´t remeber the names of the last two players)

And the concerts with Jimmy Z and Sliding Slim is also two wellknown blues artists (Jimmy Z: ex Eertha James, Led Z. omong many others great blues artists.)

I have use a hand hold cam (Sanyo.Xacti) cheep but small enogh to have in a back pocket for arena concerts.
The audio is just the orginal audio from the cam.

So if someone feel to give me some help and share those concerst wordwide
You can find ´em here:

Tanx in advance.
the Ol´Wintering Hippie from Sweden
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