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Re: Upload stats not being updated

Originally Posted by ianmacd View Post
If you look at that 928 Mb audio torrent that I downloaded in the last 24 hours, I see that I have now uploaded 388 Mb of data from it. My upload counter should now be somewhere in the region of 218.30 Gb, but it is still stuck at the same 217.98 Gb that you noted 24 hours ago.
And if you look at my stats today, you'll see that I've since downloaded a 1.19 Gb Springsteen torrent and currently served up 3.5 Gb of it to other users. In spite of that, my total upload has moved from 217.98 Gb to only 218.00 Gb since I last checked it.

In fact, I think I was actually already at 218.00 Gb before I even downloaded that torrent, so while the accounting against individual torrents is occurring properly (as far as I can tell), the total upload is not being credited with the amounts that the individual torrents accrue.

The fact that the accounting of the individual torrents is being updated with the traffic that I upload would seem to vindicate Transmission as the cause of the problem here. The problem seems to be within TTD, in that the total upload amount isn't being incremented by the amounts that the individual torrents accrue. The inconsistency is within TTD.
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