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Re: Upload stats not being updated

Originally Posted by jabulon View Post
If you are talking about your stats next to your avatar (your ratio): this is what I've noticed. Yesterday I looked at these numbers (and wrote them down) and they were: uploaded 217.98 GB, downloaded 23.89 GB and a ratio of 9.12. Right now (as I write this) your stats are: uploaded 217.98 GB, downloaded 24.80 GB and a ratio of 8.79 (all rounded up). Looking at your torrent stats page I see that besides uploading the 225 MB you talked about, you also downloaded a audio torrent of 928 MB and uploaded 72 MB. So you didn't uploaded 0.22 GB but 0.29 GB in total and you downloaded 0.91 GB.
Yes, the download of the 928 Mb audio torrent occurred after I last posted. This download was added to my download total, which obviously reduced my share ratio. So, we can conclude that downloads definitely do get reported and properly accounted for.

Your current ratio is 8.79 and you have downloaded 24.80 GB from this tracker, that would mean that you should have uploaded an average of 217.99 GB. Now to raise that ratio with 0.01 (and without downloading any data) the amount of data uploaded would have to be 218.24 GB. So you need to upload 0.25 GB to raise the ratio with 0.01. Now we want to raise that ratio with 0.01 but we also downloaded some data (let's say 1 GB). In this case we need to upload 227.04 GB to raise the ratio with 0.01.
It's simpler to just look at the upload traffic counter, because the share ratio can legitimately remain the same if I continue to upload and download in the same proportion.

The upload traffic counter, on the other hand, should always increment with 0.01 for every 10 Mb of traffic that I upload. Unfortunately, however, it no longer does. It used to, very reliably, but stopped a few weeks ago. I briefly got it going again when I upgraded Transmission and restarted the daemon, but it soon ground to a halt once again.

If you look at that 928 Mb audio torrent that I downloaded in the last 24 hours, I see that I have now uploaded 388 Mb of data from it. My upload counter should now be somewhere in the region of 218.30 Gb, but it is still stuck at the same 217.98 Gb that you noted 24 hours ago.

The strangest thing here is that looking at your stats from the last two days that only the total amount of data downloaded changed from 23.89 GB to 24.80 GB, but the total amount of data uploaded hasn't changed.
Right. Strange, isn't it?

I'm curious what happens to your stats if you would use another BT client, like vuze or uTorrent for Mac (I assume your on a mac?).
No, I'm not using a Mac. I run Transmission on an x86 based Netgear ReadyNAS system.

It's tricky to move to another client, as installation on this box can be awkward. I'm also very happy with Transmission, as I've never had a problem with any of the trackers I use until recently with TTD. Until this issue developed, Transmission worked very happily with TTD, too. When it ceased to function correctly, I hadn't changed anything at my end. I had been running version 2.50 for months.

I have a decent ratio, so that's not an immediate issue, but if my ratio can only ever go down, not up, that's obviously very bad. I'd like to receive credit for the traffic that I upload.

Anyway, I'm travelling at the moment and won't be back in Amsterdam until Sunday, so I may not be able to reply until then.


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