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Re: Upload stats not being updated

If you are talking about your stats next to your avatar (your ratio): this is what I've noticed. Yesterday I looked at these numbers (and wrote them down) and they were: uploaded 217.98 GB, downloaded 23.89 GB and a ratio of 9.12. Right now (as I write this) your stats are: uploaded 217.98 GB, downloaded 24.80 GB and a ratio of 8.79 (all rounded up). Looking at your torrent stats page I see that besides uploading the 225 MB you talked about, you also downloaded a audio torrent of 928 MB and uploaded 72 MB. So you didn't uploaded 0.22 GB but 0.29 GB in total and you downloaded 0.91 GB.

Your current ratio is 8.79 and you have downloaded 24.80 GB from this tracker, that would mean that you should have uploaded an average of 217.99 GB. Now to raise that ratio with 0.01 (and without downloading any data) the amount of data uploaded would have to be 218.24 GB. So you need to upload 0.25 GB to raise the ratio with 0.01. Now we want to raise that ratio with 0.01 but we also downloaded some data (let's say 1 GB). In this case we need to upload 227.04 GB to raise the ratio with 0.01.

So far the math. The strangest thing here is that looking at your stats from the last two days that only the total amount of data downloaded changed from 23.89 GB to 24.80 GB, but the total amount of data uploaded hasn't changed.

I'm curious what happens to your stats if you would use another BT client, like vuze or uTorrent for Mac (I assume your on a mac?).
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